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Miguel Deliaert ©    travel and vintage photographer

Visual Artist

Welcome in my world of photography.
Let me take you on a Roller-Coasting-Ride through my eye-popping camera lens.  
Shooting Bumpy Rides and Endless Roads, Rebels and Gentlemen, Black&White and Colours, ......
I travel and discouver in search of a visual treat.  And I get high on Classic Wheels and the American Culture.

Storytelling At Its Finest

I love to travel in the past with my badass polaroid SX70  where the instant magic happens (or not...).  

Keeping my finger on the shutter, focus, frame ...slowly turning the exposure wheel and finally shoot ! 
Different components and chemicals produce a minor miracle.. and it all happens in your hand.
I call them pocket memories.

laroid addiction and the love for vintage cars,

Miguel Deliaert

In Case of Emergency

Based in Belgium on the countryside near Ghent. Every now and then I deliver stories..
..stories like
'Once upon....
Could this be the start of
your story ?
You know where to find me ! 

By the way, this is not the way I usualy look, but thats how mugshots look like !

99% of my life I look happy...even when I sleep.


BIG or small, just send me an  e-mail and we deliver them all.


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 polaroid  or  rebels
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